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Why Adistec Education?

The Adistec Education division aims to provide training to our partners and end users to enhance the use of the technologies we offer through distribution.

We have our own laboratories and extension of hours for internships; dedicated data centers with a capacity of up to 100 students per week; interactive and virtual platform for the delivery of courses.

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Our Courses

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Upcoming Courses

Jul 15
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19/AUG • Virtual Live 09/SEP • Virtual Live 09/SEP • Virtual Live View Course Calendar

VMware NSX: Install, Configure, Manage [V4.0]

Jul 22
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19/AUG • Virtual Live • Guaranteed View Course Calendar

VMware vSphere: Operate, Scale and Secure [V8]

Aug 19
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16/SEP • Virtual Live View Course Calendar

VMware vSphere with Tanzu: Deploy, Configure, Manage [V8]


Our Delivery Methods

Authorized Training Center

Our Facilities

We have our own equipped classrooms to ensure the comfort of our students and the correct development of our classes to provide the best educational experience.

Our classrooms are located in Buenos Aires, Bogota, Lima, Santiago, Sao Paulo and Quito. Additionally, we have alliances with external rooms for the regions of Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You can take the course again for free if you are not satisfied.

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Participation Insurance

If you cannot complete your training, Adistec gives you the opportunity to take it again for free.

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Terms & Conditions

In case of an unpredictable event occurs, Adistec will try its hardest, using all resources available, to go on with the training in the original conditions.

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Cancellation Policies

Know all about our general considerations of the cancellation policies.

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