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Why work with us

“I have learned about professionalism, integrity and friendship. Adistec helps you grow professionally and personally, always working as a team and helping each other to achieve goals."

Sandra Martinez

Operations Specialist / Miami

Being a part of the Adistec team gave me the opportunity to share my designs throughout Latin America.

Florencia Rubianes

Graphic Design / Argentina

“I am very proud to work for a company that recognizes initiatives, effort and constant learning."

Angelina Cotrina 

Product Sales Specialist /Perú

"The work environment is excellent and provides the necessary compatibility between work and family."

Maria Ines Navarrete 

Product Sales Manager / Chile

"Being part of a team full of professionals dedicated to technology and excellent customer service makes the job very pleasant".

Nigel Pollard

Territory Sales Manager / Caribbean

"We work as a family, with a synchronized and aligned team."

Karina Almeida 

Product Sales Manager / Brasil