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OCTOBER 18, 2019

How to overcome the covid-19 crisis?

Adistec has a business portfolio that aims to help the constant growth of its market and business partners, shows how it managed to face the crisis produced by the pandemic.


Adistec a value-added distributor, with 18 years of experience in the IT sector market, the company markets its products through five business units, the most relevant being distribution. Adistec also owns:  Adistec Infrastructure Solutions (AIS), Service Providers Program (SPP) and Adistec Consulting Services (ACS).


All of its business units have disruptive value propositions in the market and have been recognized over the years. That is why it has a business portfolio, which caters to the needs of different regions. The company consists of more than 400 employees who aim to help the constant growth of its markets and its business partners.


Thanks to their experience, knowledge and local collaboration in each of the countries in which they work, they offer personalized attention to their partners, which makes Adistec an ideal ally.


Like most companies, COVID-19 caught them off guard. However, Adistec, through various areas, managed to activate a remote, “work-force” plan in a matter of hours. The main challenge they had to face was to maintain the same level of service that the company with it’s business partners and migrate to a variety of virtual platforms almost  immediately, leading to the companies digital transformation and a testament to their agility. 


Today, the company guarantees that they have tripled its digital efforts, enhancedtheir value and continue to support their partners through Covid-19 and beyond.

Fuente: Revista Gerencia edición de Mayo 2019

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