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We offer our customers pre-designed services under the name "Rapid Deploy" and "Quick Start". These packages consist of a set of pre-defined activities under a validated methodology that allows you to deploy solutions quickly and at a fixed cost.

  • → Deployment time between 1 and 10 days
  • → Remote activities through the Internet
  • → Pré-definied activities
  • → Agil manegament
  • → Fixed prices


APS's consultancy services aim to help our clients to identify, architect and implement the technological solution suitable for their needs.

Para ello APS se apoya en una framework de trabajo basado en etapas que optimiza los tiempos y asegura los resultados. Todo esto bajo el modelo gestión de proyecto de PMI y brindados por consultores expertos.

  • → Analysis
  • → Architecture
  • → Implementation
  • → QA
Administración y Gestión

Managed Services

In order to improve operations and reduce costs, APS offers the option to outsource certain processes and functions to optimize performance and simplify the management of your IT assets.

We offer managed services for the following platforms and vendors:

  • → People
  • → Processes
  • → Technology
  • → Maintenance
  • → Management
  • → Monitoring

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