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Why Adistec Media & Entertainment?

Adistec’s expertise in driving sales of cloud workflows should help accelerate Avid and Brightcove subscription revenues.

Adistec’s localized expertise to accelerate logistics, finance and other processes in the region to keep pace with demand for content creation and management tools and solutions in television, film, music, and education markets.

Established in 2002, our organization delivers 100% IT solutions through channels and now, we are expanding our portfolio to become the leader in Media & Entertainment Value Added Distribution across the Region.

Our marketing team supports the channel throughout the business cycle with demand generation activities, training, incentives and accelerators for closing the sale.

Adistec complements its offerings with cloud services running in several proprietary datacenters, as well as extensive consulting and educational services. Avid is the inaugural partner for Adistec’s recently created media and entertainment practice, with a newly Avid Nexis Storage System already installed in our Miami Datacenter, ready to be used in Demos and POCs.


Our Portfolio

Exclusive Avid | Edit On Demand webinar

Mar 7, 2023, 14:34 PM by Daniela Pacífico
Avid | Edit On Demand is a fully cloud-hosted SaaS post-production solution, featuring familiar workflows with Media Composer and Avid NEXIS storage, all running in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Supercharge Your Business With Avid | Edit On Demand


Post production is a highly creative universe. From on-set shooting to final delivery, the focus is, quite rightly, on the realization of the director’s vision; the culmination of many people’s hard work being visualized on the screen and then shared for audiences to enjoy.

But behind all of that lies another reality of the world of post production – how shows get made in the first place, and the business decisions required to enable that complex process.

Post house owners or heads of production must consider many factors. Do they have the capacity to do the project? Can they afford the capital investment to do the project in the first place when the equipment required may only be needed for a few months? Who will do the post production? Where are they going to find team members, in what locations, and how can collaboration happen if everyone is in different places? What is it going to cost? How can they scale up if more people need to be added to help?

Those questions, and others, come into play when assessing a fundamental factor of any such project: How can a project be carried out in the most efficient way possible and make money? No shame in saying it, it is why businesses stay in business.

Recent advances in cloud technologies have opened new ways to address all of these questions. Remote collaboration is possible in ways unthinkable not too long ago, with security and stability built in to calm the fears of some in the post-production community that these avenues could not be trusted.

In a recent webinar, Supercharge your Business with Avid | Edit On Demand, Avid experts outlined how this solution could be used to address these issues, helping teams work together in new ways in the cloud, but crucially, also deliver when it comes to cost.


Avid | Edit On Demand is a fully cloud-hosted SaaS post-production solution, featuring familiar workflows with Media Composer and Avid NEXIS storage, all running in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

In the webinar, Avid Business Development Manager for Cloud and SaaS, Danny Hollingsworth, outlined not just how Avid | Edit On Demand works, but crucially, the ways in which it can drive new business opportunities, for existing operations with facilities, but also for new entrants into the post-production market.

Hollingsworth discussed how Avid | Edit On Demand can help businesses:

The webinar was the second in a series on Avid | Edit On Demand. The first, Review and Approval Without Boundaries, focused on the workflows that can be delivered by the innovative solution, including remote over-the-shoulder review and approval.





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