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Adistec Education has a free participation insurance that allows students to complete their training courses in the event there was a reason they could not finish it.

Terms and Conditions:

The student must be registered and has to attend to at least the first full day of training.

The student has one year, from the date of the start of the course he was part of, to redeem the participation insurance.

Participation insurance is nontransferable and may only be used by the student who registered.

The insurance applies only to the student, and not to the company he/she represents.

The student may register to the same training course on any date available on the Adistec Education calendar, and the may register for a new training given with a different modality from the original.

The student is responsible for finding the new date to he/she wishes to register for, using the Adistec Education calendar.

Adistec Education has the right to accept or deny the registration, based on the spots available for the course.

Adistec Education does not guarantee that the original course will be available in the open calendar.

In this situation, the student has the right to participate in any other training offered by Adistec Education’s calendar. Which could be held to a price increase depending on the course, and spots available.

The Participation Insurance applies to both classroom trainings and Virtual Live trainings.

To redeem the participation insurance, you must open a ticket with Adistec Total Support.
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