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Our mission is to provide high quality trainings and an excellent educational experience to our students, fulfilling the initial objective that those involved in our training obtain the necessary skills to perform efficiently, while obtaining the maximum benefit from the applied technologies and achieving the expected return after an IT investment.

In case that the training you have participated in does not fulfill the quality standards required from the vendor or the standards from Adistec Education, and/or the student is not satisfied with the quality of the training (instructor, classroom, lab performance, etc.)

Adistec Education allows you to take the same training course in any of the dates available in the open calendar, free of charge, unless the exceptions noted in the Satisfaction Guaranteed conditions.

Terms and Conditions:

The student must be properly registered and be present throughout the whole training.

The student has 10 days, from the day the training ends, to ask for the satisfaction guaranteed policy. Once the 10 days passed, the student loses the right to claim the policy.

The satisfaction guarantee policy is nontransferable and the usage of the policy is to be used only by the student that registered for the training.

The student can register for the same training on any available date on the Adistec Education open calendar, and they may register for a new training that will be given in a different modality than the original.

The student is responsible for looking up the new date from the Adistec Education calendar that he wishes to register for Adistec Education does not guarantee that the original training course will be available on the open calendar. If this happens, the student has the right to take part on any other training offered by Adistec Education’s open calendar, which could be subject to an upcharge and the amount of spots available in the training.

In case a student wants to take part of a training outside of their place of residence, Adistec Education is never responsible for travel expenses, hotels, etc.

To redeem the policy of Satisfaction Guarantee, you must open a ticket with Adistec Total Support. Learn More

Exceptions to the use of the satisfaction guaranteed policy

The use of the satisfaction guarantee policy will not be valid in any of the following scenarios:

The student did not at least finish 75% of the training.

For language reasons.

For mistakes or omissions on the official manual.

For student’s internet access problems that affect the graphic or audio quality or the performance of the labs.

When the exercises given during the labs have errors, and they followed the instructions from the official manual.