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Our mission is to provide high quality trainings and an excellent educational experience to our students, fulfilling the initial objective that those involved in our training obtain the necessary skills to perform efficiently, while obtaining the maximum benefit from the applied technologies and achieving the expected return after an IT investment.

It is our principal objective to execute our training courses with great level of responsibility, quality, efficiency, and professionalism. Assuring our attendees the best quality trainings possible. However, Adistec Education has the right to cancel or postpone a training due to unpredictable circumstances.

In case of an unpredictable circumstance occurs, Adistec will try its hardest, using all resources available, to go on with the training in the original conditions. However it is possible that some changes occur, either the modality of the training (Classroom/Virtual live training), the time of the training, the instructor, or the location.

In case of a cancellation of the training, Adistec Education will:

Send notice with as much time possible to the confirmed participants.

Offer a new date, as close as the original as possible, to take the training under the same modality and conditions agreed on.

If the new date offered does not work for the attendee, he/she may redeem the participation insurance on any new training the attendee wants to register.

Adistec Education is not responsible for any travel expenses that the attendee may incurred on.