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May 28, 2020

Meet José Caprio: Our Kaspersky, Veritas y Lenovo Product Sales Manager based in Argentina

José Caprio, Adistec’s Product Sales Manager based in Argentina, shares with us how the work has changed day by day, how the company is responding to Social Isolation and its adaptation to remote work during the Covid-19 situation.


José tells us “To face this whole sanitary situation we are all going through, we had to adapt quickly and plan working in a different way, the video calls were more usual and massive, the events and trainings had to be carried on in the online realm and the use of web platforms became widespread. Luckily, brands such as Kaspersky help us in this transformation and in dealing with the new rules of the game, offering us, for example, 6-month free licenses for Health facilities. In turn, they were at the side of end customers, resellers and distributors, freezing the exchange rate month by month (and the idea is to continue doing so) with many more promotions”

“On the other hand, Veritas was not far behind and launched the new channel program with many more benefits and aimed at giving more tools to its consumers. For its part, Lenovo also launched its new channel program for both Resellers and Distribution and continues to add people to the work team. As you will see, so far it’s been a great year of changes and new releases, personally I think it will continue to be this way despite the circumstances and if we see it from another perspective, things will be accomplished. We still have a lot to learn and be able to make things work”


-Do you have future projects? What is life like after the coronavirus?

I’ve got a lot of projects! Work wise, I believe that remote work is here to stay and technology is definitely the best business partner. Everybody realized more than ever that investing in new technologies is not an expense. There is still a long way to go and from our side in Adistec the objective is to provide the best tools so that change can flow in the best way, not only from the brands that I work with, but from the entire portfolio of products that we offer.


- How have you adapted to working remotely?

-Luckily, I’m used to it because the company has been implementing it for several years, the only change is that now I work alongside my wife every day, but we’ve had no problems so far.


Do you have a hobby?

I always liked cars and races and due to working remotely, I manage to dedicate a little more time to it.