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Jun 2, 2020

Fortinet High Volume Program and Adistec to expand the market

With a series of introductory talks and a welcome greeting to a new business model, Fortinet, together with its VAR Adistec, launched Let's Rock-High Volume, an ambitious program that is already running and which impact will be reflected in client growth.

Fortinet seeks to delve into a valuable market and in need of robust and reliable security solutions, but which does not reach the volume of transactions that the business segment performs: medium-sized companies, with a maximum of 100 PCs on average, who want to share the protection experienced by big business.

According to Enrique Millán, Fortinet’s Channel Manager in Colombia, the High Volume program will create a new layer of clients, who will be served in a special way by a new group of channels which will have training, support, services and attention from Fortinet and Adistec to meet all their demands and prepare them to meet the needs of their customers.

Enrique Millán explains that the Fortinet model focused on B2B has had a very good reception within the Colombian market, “In the last eight years, Fortinet businesses have grown nine times and starting with just three people, we are approaching 60 today”.

“With the launch of High Volumen, Fortinet wants to cover the bottom of the pyramid. We had never reached the lower part, obviously there were channels that sold to this market but it is not Fortinet's natural niche ”, adds Millán.

For her part, Laura Rodríguez, Fortinet's High Volume Program Director, explains that this program started 5 months ago, “More than 80% of the business in Colombia are SMEs and our core business is to conquer this market with this project. Outside Fortinet we have a training program and a platform for partners to start certifying. "

For new partners, Fortinet has deployed both the portfolio and special prices that allow them to generate business faster and more reliably.

Author: John Harold Rodriguez