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Sep 16, 2020

Adistec's proposal to meet the demand for infrastructure

Pedro Pérez, Product Sales Manager of the wholesaler, said that the amount of investment that the companies had stipulated at the beginning of the year was affected but that, as a result of the temporary isolation by COVID-19, they have had to prioritize the acquisition of remote access Infrastructure to the company’s applications. And he highlighted the company's portfolio and the support they provide to the channel.


  • What brands and product lines do you distribute for this market?

    -Hardware / Software lines: Fortinet / INTEL / CISCO / VERITAS / PURE STORAGE / QUEST / NUTANIX / LENOVO / Riverbed / IMPERVA / Forcepoint / Rubrik

    -Software lines:

    Vmware / Veeam / Quest / Kaspersky / Progress / Thales / Zimbra / SolarWinds / Tenable /

  • What do large companies expect from investment in IT infrastructure in the second half of the year, on the one hand, and SMEs, on the other, before the needs defined by the current context marked by the pandemic?

    The amount of investment that both large and small companies had stipulated at the beginning of the year is affected, as for everyone.

    However, as a result of the temporary isolation by COVID-19, they have had to prioritize the acquisition of remote access Infrastructure to the company's applications. In order for employees to carry out their work in Home Office mode, they must guarantee that this access is secure; and therefore investment in access security for these applications also becomes a necessity.

    These investments are being reflected in the increase in emerging quotes towards wholesalers, as it is our case. We believe that this situation marks a before and after in regards of hiring infrastructure for large and medium-sized companies, ensuring business continuity.

  • What technologies will be the most in demand and why?

    From our experience we can observe a growing demand in virtualization technologies and remote desktops. Companies need employees to continue working from home without perceiving a difference in the quality from working at the office.

    There are many technologies that provide these solutions, and that Adistec distributes, such as VMWare and Nutanix. At the storage level, we have Pure Storage and Lenovo, with their Flash technologies, which allows access to these applications to be as fast and effective as possible.

    Of course, all these solutions without adequate security are in vain, companies need to be secure, and in our case we offer excellent solutions with Fortinet SD WAN and Kaspersky for the End Point, among others.

  • How is the company’s human resources structure formed to develop these type of projects?

    At Adistec we are not immune to the impact of the Pandemic and isolation, but we are prepared to continue providing the same level of response and usual service. In fact, we were one of the quickest wholesalers to adapt to this new teleworking model, as it was a practice previously implemented in our company. Our operational platform is based all on the Cloud, allowing human resources to remain focused on the business and the attention of our business partners without lowering the quality of service. The same for the Vendors, we continue to work in a transparent way and at the pace we were used to. We have found it necessary to adapt some changes from certain manufacturers, such as hardware, to maintain business continuity and ensure the highest quality of delivery.

    Our structure is made up of Laura Spalla, as Regional Sales Director SOLA, and Marcelo Tripodi, Financial Manager, in the direction of the Argentine subsidiary. We have a team of Product Sales Manager, Product Sales Specialist and System Engenier by brand / Solution trained and specialized in the brands that work and in turn with a technical team, made up of pre-sale specialists, to accompany the reseller and end customer in the design of the best architecture for your business.

    Additionally, we have an internal Marketing and Design department, to support all those channels that do not have their own department within their company, and a financial department that intervenes and accompanies in the development process.

  • From the brands you represent, what technological innovations have come out to meet this demand?

    All manufacturers have been able to quickly adapt to the situation and provide solutions adapted to the current situation and to accompany this time of conflict.

    Some outstanding proposals are:

    Veeam - In its latest Version 10, it invested in the development of a product focused on CLOUD, which allows the client to backup any server or device to its Onpremise infrastructure, or to store data from its Cloud infrastructure, with services that they have contracted in Amazon Azure, or our own Cloud, AEC (Adistec Enterprise Cloud).

    Pure Storage - It is focusing on providing Fast and secure access to the data in its Storage with its well-known Flash-based technology, for VDI from technologies such as VMWare and Citrix, among others.

    Fortinet - It continues to expand its Security Fabric proposal, so that end customers can not only have a homogeneous solution, from the end point of a remote client, with Forticlient, but also security at the gateway with its powerful Fortigate. Additionally, it delivers a networking offer, with its Fortiswiches, and all this monitored with a simple click. It should be noted that this secure access for users or employees in Home Office mode is worked with SD WAN, to improve the performance of business applications and increase agility, optimization of the user experience and efficiency for SaaS and cloud applications public, simplifying operations with automation and cloud-based management.

  • In what way are they supporting the channels in terms of training, demand generation, and loyalty, generally speaking?

Adistec, is a Value Added distributor with operations in LATAM since 2000, but with operations in Argentina since 2010, we always offer our business partners our resources and tools, the opportunity to grow in knowledge and brands that they need and that we have in our portfolio, with constant training from PSM or Pre-Sales engineers, and in the accompaniment, if necessary, for consulting or opening meetings in Final clients.

In turn, we support the reseller in the availability of funds to carry out actions focused on generating demand, training, closing active opportunities or loyalty of their clients. For the partner, we are conducting various virtual trainings, from general training to specific meetings, with the aim of keeping our business partners updated with respect to the latest market developments.


Author: Maximiliano Fanelli