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Brand Overview

Assegure or application performance

Or Turbonomic allows or self-management of workload, offering positioning, dimensioning and provisioning services to hosts, clusters, datastores, datacenters and regions and regions of nuvem providers. A platform offers the expected service quality of user hairs and avoids ranks, latency and I / O content - semi tracking alerts!

Execute ações manually, automate in a schedule or automate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Either melhora software or performance of 30% or more applications.



Application Resource Management

Our software manages the complete application stack for you. It automatically assures the performance of your applications 24/7/365

Assure Performance at Scale with Actions that Can be Automated

Only Turbonomic manages the complete application stack by automatically providing specific actions that ensure your applications always get the resources they need to perform.

Unpredictable Demand Causes Congestion

Applications are increasingly complex and dynamic: customers can access them any time, anywhere; developers can update them every hour of every day.

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