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Dec 10, 2020

Adistec offers a partner program for the implementation of IT solutions in the cloud

Adistec Service Provider Programs (ASPP) offers specific programs for service providers based on a monthly subscription model.


The Latin American distribution company offers with its business unit Adistec Service Provider Programs (ASPP) the possibility of providing answers to its partners by satisfying the needs of its customers, as well as helping them grow towards new technologies as its commercial, technical and consulting partner


These service provider programs, offered by Adistec, aim to solve the current problems of end customers:

Manage cloud applications consistently

Create, migrate and run any application on any cloud

Keep applications protected at all times

Provide high availability environments to maintain business continuity

The Vmware Program (Vmware Cloud Provider Program) will allow users to have a single operating model for similar environments, increase business agility, reduce costs and create a native developer experience for all types of applications.

The Veeam Program (Veeam Cloud for Service Providers) provides service providers with a single platform for managing data in the cloud, virtual or physical, allowing the creation of Backup services in the Cloud (BaaS) and / Disaster Recovery (DraaS).


Adistec markets these and other programs for service providers throughout the region, with the addition of Professional Services for the following platforms: Vmware, Veeam and Veritas.

For this, Adistec Service Provider Programs relies on its licensing specialists, pre-sales engineers, and marketing personnel; working as a team to support and ensure the best experience for its members. In turn, Adistec has the assistance of other sectors of the company such as the Education business unit to accompany the process of each client.

In addition, ASPP has a service offering such as Business Consulting, and Hyperconvergence Solutions at VMware and Intel.