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May 14, 2021

Adistec, Quantum's new distributor for Latin America

Quantum Corporation, a regional company that provides innovative solutions for all types of companies that seek to get the most out of their data. Quantum has more than 35 years of experience in key issues related to data storage and management technology solutions

Quantum's portfolio allows clients the opportunity to capture, create and share digital content, preserving and protecting it for decades. With which organizations can determine its proactive use for business growth and contribution to customers on an ongoing basis.

Over the past few years, multiple companies have trusted Quantum to help them leverage their video and multimedia assets and drive innovation.

Quantum chose Adistec as their Distributor for Latin America, which strengthens its fundamental premise, working with its clients and partners to make the world a happier, safer and smarter place.


Business benefits

Adistec, a value-added wholesaler, with great leadership in the region, and is a consolidated company in offering IT solutions 100% through channels. Which is why they know the regional ecosystem perfectly and can quickly amplify the Quantum brand throughout Latin America.

Likewise, it adds in favor of the channels, immediate responses through a highly trained sales and pre-sales team. Also, because of Adistec’s logistics capabilities in each of the countries, it will allow the development of faster processes for local billing.


Growth opportunities

Quantum will benefit from being able to take its entire innovative portfolio to Latin America, with a high level of service through Adistec, providing the opportunity for both to establish new relationships and strengthen them over time

Marcelo Gasull, Quantum's LATAM Regional Sales Manager, affirms: ‘We are very pleased to announce that Adistec is the chosen Quantum Distributor for Latin America, due to the value the wholesaler contributes. This synergy will help us mutually, and will give us the possibility of reaching more companies.