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Jul 8, 2022

Driving sales with E-commerce video: Why online shoppers rely on it

The e-commerce landscape is more competitive than ever, and online shoppers want help choosing which brands and products to buy. As attention spans decrease and shopping options increase, video has become an essential part of the process. In fact, 85% of consumers worldwide rely on video when they shop online. Don’t miss this webinar and learn how you can incorporate more video into your e-commerce strategy to engage potential customers and drive sales.

Audience Takeaways: * How consumers use video segmented by region, age, and shopping frequency * What types of video content consumers are more likely to watch and trust * Which product categories are consumers especially reliant on video for * How brands can use video to create a great customer experience.




As COO and Research Director, my goal is to ensure Ascend2 remains nimble and innovative with our turn-key, research-based content solutions. I conceptualize all of our research programs and Ascend2-generated content, and ensure they are executed with a relevant and creative edge to maximize value for both our subscriber base and our partners. With over 12 years of experience in brand marketing and as the owner and operator of a creative marketing agency, I integrate a fresh perspective into the content we create and how it is used by our partners.




Matt Noyes is director, product marketing at Brightcove, with an emphasis on its enterprise solutions. Matt is a product marketing practitioner and evangelist focused on applying theories, strategies, and tactics to realize successful go-to-market initiatives for B2B and business-to-consumer companies. Recent projects and experiences include leading product marketing teams within software-as-a-service companies ranging from “configure price and quote” for manufacturers to marketing automation and customer relationship management for financial services.




Jillian Ryan is the senior director of content strategy at Brightcove where she leads a team of content marketers and video producers that create strategic, engaging, and compelling stories about the power of video that means business. Prior to joining Brightcove, Jillian spent six years at eMarketer as the principal analyst focused on B2B marketing and advertising. Before that, Jillian also worked for B2B software companies and digital publishers driving content and social media strategy. She is a frequent presenter at industry events such as The B2B Marketing Exchange, Advertising Week and Social Media Week and her commentary has been featured in Bloomberg, CNN, The Wall Street Journal and Ad Week. A graduate of Adelphi University's Honors College, Jillian is a Brooklyn native and a recovering travel writer.

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