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Feb 7, 2023

Media Composer 2022 Feature Review: Webinar

These days, more content is being created than ever before, which means editors are tasked with more projects, more deadlines, and even greater competition to secure new projects. And we can only expect this to increase in 2023.

Join Avid’s Michael Krulik and Corey Tedrow for a live webinar to take a look back at the new features and improvements introduced in Media Composer 2022 that are giving editors new ways to…

  • Simplify the editorial-to-audio hand-off with direct Pro Tools session export
  • Relink media with a newly enhanced and simplified menu and workflow
  • Enable remote collaboration with an “Over the Shoulder” experience via SRT
  • And more…

Sign up now to attend and rediscover why today’s Media Composer editors have more power at their fingertips.