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Oct 26, 2022

Now Available: AVID Media Composer 2022.10

  • We’re pleased to announce that Media Composer 2022.10 was released today: October 20, 2022. This release introduces a number of customer-requested features and enhancements that provide greater efficiency and ease of use, including: Multiplex I/O Support for Multiple Open I/O Plug-ins: With this release, you can use multiple active Open I/O plug-ins at the same time. If your system has more than one I/O hardware device attached, you can use them simultaneously as well. New Relink Menu and Linked Media Dialog: in the latest version of Media Composer, the old Relink menu has been replaced to simplify the relinking workflow and improve performance. The Relink menu now includes two options:


  • New Sequence Templates and User Setting: Whenever a new sequence is created, a sequence template will be used to configure the number and type of tracks, custom track names, and starting Timecode. Users of Media Composer should find that this speeds up the process of creating sequences, as compared with earlier versions. “Choose For Me” Options Added for New Projects: New users of Media Composer can get started more quickly with the “Choose For Me” check box in the “New Project” tab of the “Select Project” window. Keyboard Shortcuts to Switch Focus Between Windows and Tabs:. New keyboard shortcuts allow you to cycle through open windows and tabs in the Media Composer interface. Bin Metadata Tooltips: You can now quickly access basic metadata in a tooltip when hovering over a thumbnail or label in the Bin’s Frame View. Metadata in the tooltip includes Duration, Format, and Creation Date FreeType Font Support for Titler+: Titler+ has gained support for FreeType fonts, greatly expanding the variety of fonts available for use in a project's titles, including popular formats such as OpenType fonts. Support for Two or More Ganged Groups in the Audio Mixer: Ganging groups in the Audio Mixer allows you to sync the sliders for multiple audio clips and adjust their levels or panning simultaneously. This feature supports up to ten ganged groups. For complete information on all of the new features and updates, be sure to review the What's New Guide and ReadMe